Anthony's Corvette Reconstruction & Repair

A long term, "Hobby Pastime", of the love for Corvettes.
While a C-1 Corvette, through the years from 1958 to 1962, are the preferred Corvettes of enjoyment, later model year Corvettes are also prized. Body, Paint, Trim & Mechanical enhancements are performed personally. Experience has been gained throughout my life of over 30 years as a GM Corvette employee, in all aspects of the Corvette manufacturing processes, and as a continuous Corvette owner beginning in 1961.

1959 crossed Flags fender emblem

This Corvette was once being modified for service as a Drag Racer when I acquired it. The project was never finished by the previous owner and he sold the car to get rid of it.

Front view of 1960 Corvette in NCM Filling Station........Rear view of 1960 Corvette in NCM Filling Station

The reconstruction of this 1960 Corvette has given it a rebirth.
It has become a great driver, a show winner and was put on display in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky beginning at the NCM's Grand Opening in 1994 and lasting for almost two years.

Information Update:

This Corvette was used in the History's Channel program "Hands on History - Corvettes" with it's initial airing 12-18-04 at 3:30 CST. I was pleased to be apart of a show that spotlighted the Corvette and it's role in our society today and in the past.

This Corvette was also used in another film presation for AOL. The film aired on March 17, 2015: It was produced by Efram films for AOL to run in their Car Club USA series.

(The 60 Corvette has now moved on to another owner as of Jan. 15th 2020. She will be missed!)

1959 crossed Flags fender emblem

My Current project is this 1959 Corvette that was purchased by me in 1961. It has been dormant for over 25 years waiting some tender loving care it so needed. This car served me well as a daily driver, street racer, and weekend warrior at the local drag strip through 1965. It served as a driver, off & on as my children were born and grew up, until 1979 when its storage became necessary.

This 1959 Corvette was purchased in 1961 from a Chevrolet dealer in St. Louis County. It was purchased having installed from the factory a 290 hp FI Engine, 2:20 Close ratio 4 speed transmission, 3:70 Rear axle ratio, Metallic brakes, 5.5 Wide wheels with small hubcaps & the offroad exhaust system. Other factory options included were a Wonderbar radio, Interior courtesy lights, Emergency Brake Alarm, Windshield washers, & Sunvisors.

This Corvette has a "Scatter Shield" welded onto the frame & evidence of a roll bar were present when it was purchased by me. There was only verbal confirmation given at the time of purchase that this car was road raced by the previous owner and the SCCA inspection sticker that was on the windshield frame, I removed IT many years ago. This was not a smart thing to do as I do not have the any other documentation at this time to support its past racing history.

This 1959 Corvette is registered on the Registry of Corvette Race Cars web site with a registry ID Number of 1078. The page link is: Registry of Corvette Race Cars
To access this information you will need to be a member of Registry of Corvette Race Cars site.

This Corvette, I believed, was raced by Dudley Higginson probably during the 59 to 61 seasons as #12 in the SCCA Region 39 Steel Cities, Region 9 Chicago, Region 20 Milwaukee. I do not, as yet, have any more documentation of the actual races that Dudley ran in his 59.
My beliefs are based on an Article in the NCRS Restorer magazine plus personal contacts as well as other correspondence and retrieved online information.

On March 12th, 2020 I was contacted by George Higginson via an e-mail. He claims that his dad's corvette, that he raced, was a Silver color with Red interior. If this is true, then the 59 Corvette listed above, which was originally Black with Blue Interior, would not have been his Corvette.

Photos of the 59 are presented here. The body has been painted with Black Lacquer (as it was originally), part of the interior needed restoration to it's original blue, the chassis has been completed and the motor completely rebuilt.

1959 in National Homecoming Show........1959, Out for a drive

 View of my 1959 & 1960 Corvettes, side by side........1959, right side view of 290hp motor

View of right blue seat and seat belts........View of blue steering wheel and dash of 1959 Corvette

View of underside of 1959 Corvette running front to back