Picture of CLBGKY's 25th LOGO

New 25th Anniversary LOGO
Corvettes Limited Of Bowling Green Kentucky, Inc.
Charter Member;    Our Present SITE: http://www.corvetteslimitedofbowlinggreen.com/
OR see Our New site as it is being developed:

General Meetings are held the first Saturday of the month in the National Corvette Museum at 6:00 p.m.

This club was started in 1980 with the arrival of the Corvette Plant into Bowling Green. We have grown through the years from a small group of interested people to a well functioning club with members across the world. I am proud to be a charter member of "The Corvette Club of Bowling Green Kentucky."

Stop by our web site and learn more of who we are and what we do.

Image of National Corvette Museum's LOGONational Corvette Museum
Member # 1254;    http://www.corvettemuseum.com

When the National Corvette Museum came to Bowling Green it was a very special thing for the Corvette enthusiast of the area. It has proven to be the home to many Corvette enthusiast from around the world as they return time and time again. The museum is still growing and developing while offering the Corvette community a diverse agenda of many things.
I am proud to say that I became a member at the beginning and have enjoyed every minute.

I invite you to stop by their web site to learn more about this great organization and join.

Image of Australian Flag inside the outline of their country

Image of the Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria's LOGO
Past-Member #3083
Chevrolet Car Club of Victoria, Inc.

Image of Vic's Vettes LOGO

---- Vic Vettes

I first met the members of this Australian Chevrolet car club when a large group of them, on holiday, stopped by the National Corvette Museum. Dan Gale asked Corvettes Limited to be part of the NCM's welcoming when the group arrived.

After that our clubs started exchanging Club Newletters and helping their members when they came to Bowling Green for a visit. I have become very good friends with several of their club members and I have become a member of their club as they have also joined ours.

They have a web site that you can stop by and learn more about their club life.

Image of the NCRS LOGONational Corvette Restorers Society
Member #9436;    http://www.ncrs.org/

The National Corvette Restores Society is a organization that I learned about in 1980. I had worked in the Corvette plant plus outside repair shops and generally considered a repair with equal or better parts was the way to go.

By joining the NCRS I began to learn a different approach to what I called restoring a vehicle. There is much work that goes into having an NCRS correct car.

I would recommend that anyone who is considering a purchase of an older Corvette, learn about NCRS.

Stop by the site and learn a little about the organization.