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Picture of Joe


Picture of JOE & HIS FAMILY

Picture of Bobby Vinton's Rolls Royce
Joe's 1966 Rolls Royce
previous owned by
Bobby Vinton


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Picture of JOE'S 1957 Bird
Joe's 1957 Thunderbird

Picture of JOE'S 1980 Corvette
Joe's 1980 Corvette

Picture of JOE'S 1966 Mustang
Joe's 1966 Mustang

Welcome to Joe's Venture into his
very first Corvette Restoration.

Joe purchased this 1959 Corvette during a visit to the States after finding the car on the Internet.
Nice driver that really look very good outside.

In The Begining                           About the Beginning

Supervisor and Work Crew
Building the Body Dolly                         In Need of a Body Dolly

Disassembly of the body & Frame                        

Next Step Frame Inspection                         What was found and what needs repaired

Body Inspection

Needed Assembly Information & Instructions:
List of files for C-1 Corvette Re-assembly. Please follow the page link to Assembly Documents.
PAGE LINK:   Documents that will help with the Re-Assembly.

STATUS REPORT AS OF July 1st 2018:

Chassis Resurrection - Starting with a bare frame we assembled a Rolling Chassis with a
Running Engine and most Fluids Installed.

Lacking was the Brake Adjustment and Brake System Fluids.
Timeline = 12 days: