"This site as well as my projects are still Under Construction."

On this page I have a little information about some of my past vehicles or projects. Not all, just some that I have pictures of or I thought might be interesting to someone. I hope that what I have here is enjoyable to you and if you have any questions about these vehicles, drop me a line.

My 1950 Chevy Pickup from the 60's and 70's.

This truck was purchased basically as it looks but I change the truck some. Picture of my 1950 Chevrolet Pick up

The engine was a 283 cu.in Chevy using a Borg Wagner 4 speed to a 58 Corvette 3:36 Posi rear end.
I also installed power steering from a 64 Chevy car, 68 Corvette disk brakes on the front, power brake booster, air conditioning and Corvette Rally's with 70's on the front and 60's on the read.
I used this truck as my daily driver and had a lot of fun doing it.
I might add that the tailgate was given a smoothed appearance by installation of a sheet metal covering. The rippled bumpers on the front and rear where from a 49 Dodge passenger car and the running boards where covered with Aluminum deck plating.

1963 Willys Station Wagon - Hunting vehicle from 70's to early 80's.

Picture of my 1963 Jeep Station Wagon
This station wagon served us well wherever it went.

The frame was raised about 4 inches by remounting the springs above the axles. It was powered by a 307 cu.in. small block Chevy with a mild cam and small 4 barrel. Transmission (3 speed) and rear ends (4:26) were stock.
The firewall was cut to allow the engine and transmission to bolt together, through an Advance Adapter, and still use the transmission's rear mount without cutting new drive shafts.
A 3 inch deep fiberglass firewall/engine cover was made to seal the opening. This Jeep was put together for the woods but did real well in street traffic and snow.

1948 Chevy 4X4 PU. 80's to 90's project.

This is a picture of a 1948 Chevrolet Pick up that I built

This 1948 1/2 ton, when I sold it, had many changes from original.
The power came from a 350 cu.in. 4 bolt steel crank motor with 10.25 compression, chrome high-rise intake and Holly.
The transmission was a Ford top loader with an Advance Adapter to a Jeep transfer case with a Warner overdrive.
The rear end gear set was 4:88's with posi-traction in the rear.
The brakes were 1977 Jeep disk on the front with drums at the rear activated by a vacuum brake booster with dual reservoirs.
The steering was through a 1977 Trans-Am tilt column to a late model Chevy truck power steering box.
The axles were below the springs raising the frame about 4 inches to help clear the 33 inch tires.
The truck also had hanging pedals from a 70 Chevy PU, power windows from a 78 Olds, dark glass all around with a sliding rear glass, electric wipers and an upgraded 12 volt system.
Body panel were replaced, new wood and metal strips for the bed, dual gas tanks, Reese hitch in the rear and tow hooks in the front.
To wrap it up the body was painted Silver with Black Sapphire fenders and dash. Black was used as an accent color on the running boards and trim items.

My daughters 1986 S10 Pickup that we purchased for her in 1991.

This is a picture of a 1986 Chevrolet Pick up that I Painted for my Daughter

When she decided that she wanted this truck it was with the condition that I paint it another color for her.
The original truck had a light blue exterior with large Black and Charcoal Vinyl Stripes along the full body which she did not like. The truck had power steering, power brakes, AC, rally wheels, jump seats in the back and was a 2.5 4 cylinder & 4 speed.
With the help of her boyfriend they helped me to strip and prepare her truck for the dark blue color it now has. We added the bed cover after the paint color transition. After about 10 years the truck found it's way back home for me to use.
I then started to make some changes to upgrade the ride and confront. I have added Power Windows and Door locks, Tilt steering column, Cruise Control, Reclining Bucket Seats, Center Console, and a 5 speed Transmission. The latest changes (Oct 2017) that were done can be seen in the PDF file that you can view. The conversion of the solidly mounted rear side windows to the factory opening rear side windows. PDF File on S10 changes It is fun to drive and I use it a lot for running around town.

My 1960 Cushman Truckster.;

This Truckster was purchased in pretty poor shape. It has a single cylinder engine that is a manual start with manual clutch configuration. The 1960 Truckster, a model 781-878458, is from what I have learned, one of the last years to use the Cushman "Huskey" cast iron engine. It is about an 8 hp engine using a 3 in bore. The motor has been completely rebuilt and bored to 0.20 to clean up the wear that was present. Because this is a "KICK START" engine the magneto was completely checked and the points as well as the ignition coil were replaced. The transmission was cleaned and checked and the pressure plate and throw out bearing need to be replaced. The rear end however was in fine shape. All the brake lines, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake switch, drums, shoes, front backing plate were replaced plus the e-brake cable was rebuilt. Replacement rims where found to replace two that were rusted and new Coker Tires and tubes were installed all the way around.

Left Front side view before RestorationView of backside and bed area before Restoration

Over all the Cushman took a lot of work getting it ready for the street and to finish it off it I used a silver paint that was used on the 1965 Corvettes plus using gloss black on the inner frame and running gear. There is still no glass installed due to the rarity of the windshield and the side curtains, doors, have not been remade. The Cushman has now moved on to another owner who has fine plans for her.

Picture of the Completed Cushman and myselfPicture of the Cushman's frame during Restoration

View of Front & left side of CushmanView of Completed Restoration of Pickup Bed

View of Right Side & dash of CushmanView of Right Side & Seat area of Cushman

My friend Bob's 66 Plymouth SW project.

Picture of the Left Rear Side of Bob's 66 Plymouth Wagon

Bob found a ruff wagon and wanted to put his 440 cu.in race motor in it. The problem was it needed someone to do the body repair and painting. After repairing the doors and door hinges, getting the body rust gone and a functional 440 scoop installed on the hood, we painted it light green base clear.

My son-in-law's project.

Picture before we started on Jeff's Bronco

This Ford needed some major help with rust removal and some dents removed. We had a good time doing this even though it was a lot of work as evident in the next photo.

Picture of the Bronco after we Finished it
He wanted it to have the Eddie Bauer's color scheme and that's what it got. The top was sprayed at a 30% gloss to retain the original look. He also redid the interior to end up with a sharp truck.